Our Work

The Sensory Garden

Things have been happening at the sensory garden. There are videos giving more information HERE

The Sensory garden at Forster Memorial Park in June 2022 with some of the team who have designed and created it
The Sensory Garden and some of the team
An atmospheric image of the sensory garden looking south, with the willow arch and a clear blue sky, May 2022
The Willow Arch and Neatly Edged Beds – Ready for Planting

The beds are prepared and ready for planting!  It’s been a lot of work redesigning the beds, getting foundations removed, getting rid of deep rooted weeds, adding compost and grit, but we’re there:-) We made a list of the plants we’d like-and have put in an order with Shannons, but as we only got a small amount of the funding we were expecting, we would really welcome donations of plants, or money.  Have a look at our plant list, and also you may have other plants to offer which would work really well in the sensory garden- think about scent, colour,  soft to touch, height. Your contributions will make this garden even more special

Sensory Garden proposal image
The proposed sensory garden at Forster Memorial Park – how it might look

We have been working with Lewisham and Glendale on the installation of a sensory garden. This will be on the main field fairly close to the Longhill Road entrance.

Preparing the planting areas

If you are interested in volunteering in the community garden, please register your interest by contacting Steven Turner st@zbee.com providing the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Information about potential availability.

Friends of Forster Memorial Park, (“FoFMP” for short!) is a park user group

Formed in November 2016, we’re a local group of volunteers, made-up of park-users, like you.

Our focus:

  • to ensure this green space receives the TLC  it deserves
  • to make it even better

Improvements cost money

 In the last 4 years, we’ve successfully obtained funding from:

  • Phoenix Housing Association
  • Whitefoot Assembly
  • Lewisham Greening Fund
  • Co-up Local Community Fund

Spending it wisely

Here are some of the improvements we’ve made:

  • An outside classroom for Forest School
  • A table tennis table and cricket surface
  • Additional seating outside the park cafe
  • New nature  and wildlife signs throughout the park