Pole 2

Boggy Area

This area was regularly muddy and damp with water running down the hill (see ‘before’ photo below). To increase water retention in the park and improve this area for local species we scraped some soil off and created this wet, boggy area which fills up with water during winter slowing down water runoff from the park. Volunteers have planted the area with species that like wet woodland conditions, for example stinking iris, pendulous sedge, lady fern and water avens. Can you spot any of these species?

Wet areas are valuable for many native animal species including invertebrates which often provide food for various species such as amphibians, birds and bats.  

This trail was created as part of the Ancient Woodland Restoration project delivered by Lewisham Council in partnership with the Friends of Forster Memorial Park in 2023-24. The aim of the project was to improve the woodland in the park both for biodiversity and the local community.

The project was part of the second round of the Rewild London Fund supported by the Mayor of London, in partnership with the London Wildlife Trust.

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