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Open Meeting 16th July 2020

Join us for our open meeting.

Forster Memorial Park Open Meeting 16th July 2020
Table tennis table Forster Memorial Park

Consultation on Bellingham Road Entrance Car Park

Dear Friend,

A very happy new year from all of us at the Friends of Forster park. We hope your year has started well!

We are getting in touch about an issue that might affect you.

Bollards to block access to car park
Bollards inserted by Lewisham Council at the request of Conisborough College on 31st July 2019 to obstruct access to the car park

Consultation for new pedestrian zone outside Bellingham road entrance to Forster Park

Lewisham Council are consulting on proposals for changes to the use of the car park and the Forster Park and Conisbrough College entrances.

This would restrict vehicle access and parking during school hours

The consultation deadline is now Thursday 18 January 2020.

More details are below and on the planning notice displayed in the car park.

Please request more details or raise any objections by emailing parkingdesign@lewisham.gov.uk, quoting Conisbrough College Pedestrian and Cycle Zone, no later than Thursday 18 January.

Please also share your views and suggestions with us too at foforstermemorialpark@gmail.com or on social media.

We are committed to helping find a solution that works for everyone.

Best regards,

Friends of Forster Park


– Have the bollards caused problems for you in accessing the park through the Bellingham Road entrance?

– Would parking restrictions affect you?

– Are you concerned for the safety of pedestrians using this area, especially students and children?

The proposed zone would restrict vehicle access and parking in the area between Thornsbeach Road and the park/school entrances in the mornings and mid-afternoon.

We know the current bollards, introduced in August 2019, have prevented older and less able park users getting into the park, which in turn is affecting their wellbeing.

The legal position is that the access to the park at this entrance is a ‘Right of Way’ including by car, since 1934. 

We raised this with the council and the bollards should be removed when an alternative has been agreed.

How can we find a solution that works best for all?

We are working with the Council, Whitefoot Assembly, Conisbrough College and the residents associations to represent your needs and find a solution that works for everyone.

We are keen to hear your experiences and welcome your views and suggestions for short and long term ways we can ensure safe access for all to both the park and school.

Thank you.

Family Nature Fun Day and Carols round the fire

Saturday 14 December, 1-3pm

All welcome! Winter nature exploring and crafts with the Secret Adventurer’s Club, with wild play, mud kitchen and more from 1pm. Followed at 2pm with hot chocolate, carols and story telling round the fire. Hosted by the Friends of Forster Memorial Park and Forster Park Cafe.

Tree Planting Day

Planting native trees
Will the tree grow quicker than he does?

Come to the park and plant a tree!

Saturday, 30th November 2019 from 10am to 1pm

Come to Forster Memorial Park on Saturday 30 November to help us plant 400 trees. We will be creating hedgerows and copses, adding to this beautiful woodland in the heart of Lewisham. And you and your family very welcome to get involved so join us at from 10am-1pm in the park.

This is part of the Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback Campaign, where they are calling for 1 million people to plant a tree in the name of fighting climate change.

Saplings in a newly planted wood
A newly planted wood

Climate change

Trees are climate change heroes. They breathe through their leaves, taking in carbon dioxide (which contributes to global warming), storing it in their trunks and roots, and sending back out the oxygen which we need to breathe. They also remove particles and reduce air pollution – so having more near our homes and schools is great for our health.


We will be planting UK native species like hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, dog rose, elder and rowan. These covered Britain thousands of years ago and our wildlife are used to them so we are doing our bit to recreate our country’s forests of old.

Wild fruit

Trees provide space for creatures great and small. Squirrels, songbirds, bugs and beetles all find homes in our trees. And we will also be planting a hedgerow along the edge of park by Whitefoot Lane. Many of the trees we are planting produce fruit and nuts which animals will be able to eat, so we are helping out the critters and birds.

Encouraging more birds to live in the park


And there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a walk in the woods. Spending time in green spaces, even when the wind is blowing, is great for our physical and mental health. Walking in the park, football with friends, running around the playground– these are all great ways to enjoy yourself, clear your head and help your heart.

How to get involved

On Saturday 30 November come along from 10am-1pm to plant a tree. Over the years you can come back and see it grow, knowing what good it is doing for the air, the planet, our health and the park.