Forest Church

Forest Church is a community of people who like to be outdoors, care for the creation around us and develop a healthy holistic lifestyle. Not only is time outside good for our physical health, it is also incredibly restorative to our minds and spirits, not to mention all the ways God teaches us through the natural world.

This community isn’t just bringing what happens inside a church building to the outdoors, instead it is a community sharing life and participating with creation and nature.

We will use the natural elements to learn new skills, take time in nature to reflect, meditate and spend quiet time in prayer. We share in lunch and grow our faith in, with and through nature.

This is a wonderful community for those who don’t find themselves comfortable in a church building setting but instead find peace and fulfil their spiritual needs outdoors and in nature

We have a facilitator to bring ideas of activities and reflections however we all learn together, and there is freedom to simply explore and enjoy the time outdoors if that is what you seek. Children and adults together, those with additional needs, disabilities, religious or non-religious. We believe everyone can contribute to our community and will be welcomed to come as you are.

When and Where?

Forster Memorial Park near the outdoor learning area – Downham SE6 1UA

Every 1st Sunday of the Month from 1pm-3pm

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome. We seek to learn from each other’s skills. Activities and reflections will be provided for different ages and abilities. We use PECS for those with additional needs who use this and we always have a variety of experiences, as we know we all learn and engage in different ways.

When we meet in person, rather than a structured programme we are a community of free people who can explore nature in their own way. This means, we start gathering from 1pm with a picnic (during covid times we ask that everyone brings their own). Then from around 1:30pm we will start to explore the theme of the month, feel free to come and go at the times you feel most comfortable.


Being outdoors is beneficial for everyone and we hope everyone remains safe, for this reason there are some safety measures we would like to share with you:

  • Children remain with and are the responsibility of their parent/carers at ALL times.
  • Please dress accordingly to the weather conditions. Wrap up warm in the cold, use sun block in the spring and summer and appropriate footwear for rain and muddy areas.
  • Please be aware of trip hazards like sticks and fallen branches.
  • Please be aware of dogs and call their owners if there is an incident.
  • The facilitator of the group (identified on the day) will have a first aid kit, however parents and carers are responsible for delivering the first aid if needed.
  • Bring a water bottle with you to stay hydrated.


For more information please contact: or follow our FB page