Pole 7

Forest School Area

The Friends of Forster Memorial Park regularly organise environmental education sessions for local children in this forest school area. Children learn about the woodland, other habitats, animals, plants, and many other nature-related topics. During the Rewild London project local school children learnt about habitats and classifications and helped plant hundreds of bulbs in the Wildlife Garden nearby. Take a seat on one of the logs in this area and relax while listening to bird song, woodpeckers drumming, insects buzzing or the sound of falling leaves. Why not look under some logs to see what lives there? You might find woodlice, centipedes, spiders, slugs, worms, or other creatures that live under these logs most of which plays an active role in creating soil by decomposing the dead wood and leaf litter. Just make sure to move the logs back in place afterwards

This trail was created as part of the Ancient Woodland Restoration project delivered by Lewisham Council in partnership with the Friends of Forster Memorial Park in 2023-24. The aim of the project was to improve the park both for biodiversity and the local community.

The project was part of the second round of the Rewild London Fund supported by the Mayor of London, in partnership with the London Wildlife Trust.

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